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Your music deserves to Sound colorful, vibrant, and full of life. 

We help indie rock artists Make their next Project

captivatingly memorable.

Are you searching for sonic planes unimagined?

If so,

And you don't abide

by the status quo,

and you reject the perceptions of perfection,

Then join the movement

to bring more unique

and exciting music into the world.

“One of the most enjoyable recording experiences I've ever had.”

— Josh Seigel

of Bailiff 

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Stock Band in Room_edited



The process



You've written a song, or you have an idea for a song. Maybe you've written enough songs to make an album, but you feel like they're missing some things...

We'll work together to fully realize your music the way you envisioned.

This includes:

  • Song structure

  • Instrumentation

  • Co-writing

  • Session musicians

  • Vibe 

You can stop by our production & mixing studio to flesh out your music, or we can come to you.  

Next up, we hit the studio to get your music recorded. 



Time to crush it at the studio. 

Whatever your sound, band size, and budget, we can find a place to capture your music. We can also find musicians to add outside awesomeness to your "studioband." 

Who we record:

  • Multi-instrumentalist solo artists

  • Solo artists with session musicians

  • Singer-songwriters on their ownsome

  • Bands - recorded live, piece by piece, or a combo of both

We use unconventional recording techniques to get cool sounds for you, but only when it fits your vision. After all – this is your record and it should sound the way you want.

Coming up next, we're going to make your fantastic performances shine in the mix.  



After laying down high-fidelity tracks for your music, we're ready to bring it all together. 

If you thought mixing was when we cool it on the weird, think again. This is when we supercharge your sonic vision to make it sound bigger, bolder, and fresher than previously imagined.

You can expect:

  • Vibey, exciting, and defined mixes

  • True to your vision 

  • Fast turnaround

Feel free to join us in the mixing studio, or continue with your day as we work hard on making your music sound amazing. After we finish a mix, we'll send you an mp3 for notes. 

Once we lock down the sound, it's off to mastering. 



This is it: the final step in having a finished piece of art. We want your music to turn heads, raise eyebrows, activate goosebumps and make people want more. 

Our network of mastering engineers will put the finishing touches to your music so it's ready for the world to enjoy. They're exceptional and fast - we all want your music in the ears of your fans as quick as possible. 

We master for:

  • Streaming

  • Digital download

  • CD

  • Vinyl

  • Cassette

After we love the masters, we'll transfer them to your hands and bid you adieu...for now. Music is a life-long journey, and we hope to stay in touch every step of the way. 


Hi, I'm Jack Mecherle.

I'm the owner of Right There Recording.

My mission is to help amazing people

 find their authentic voice 

and  make extraordinary music.

With over a decade of experience

as a musician and audio engineer,

I've helped bands and solo artists

work through any technical limitations

and take their projects to new sonic heights

Thanks for all you do –

I can't wait to hear your music 

and your story!

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